We provide expertise on demand. BlackWaterOps manages over a billion page views per year. We have consulted with politicians, brands, policy makers, and investors.

When you are vetting an idea, pitch, or message we provide data that enables you to make the best decisions possible. Companies use our expertise to do content programming, determine the viability or demand for a business, or test if a message will resonate with an audience.

Our deep understanding of audiences is powered by a hybrid of computer and human data. We are one of the few companies who maintains an index of Internet, but we are also one of the few companies who has the ability to call heads of state to move mountains or cut red tape.

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Brandon| The Boss

Brandon is a data scientist, marketer, and networker. He builds technology that powers many of the BlackWater offerings.

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Richard | Auditing

Richard is a business analyst with 40+ years of experience. He develops models to determine probability of growth in markets, and an account of the potential expenses that create barriers along the way.

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Jake| Tape Cutting

Jake leverages his vast network to make things go smoothly and open doors.

Content Programming

Content Programming is essential to getting traffic. Being a destination site is what every site hopes to become eventually, but building that level of trust with users takes time. A typical user will visit your site seven times before deciding to make you a destination they visit on a regular basis. To get those first seven visits you need to have a depth of content that causes them to find you on a regular basis. BlackWaterOps helps you become that “go to” site for what ever niche you serve by offering phrases that are well searched, and which it is possible for your site to rank for.

Search Strategies

Link building doesn’t work anymore. SEO today is much more about page construction, load times and site composition. BlackWaterOps will work with you to optimize your pages to be what Google wants with out compromising on your user experience. These improvements often result in pages that load faster, and contextual ads that better match your content.

Reputation and Crisis Management

Ever see the Television show “Scandal” about a team that makes bad publicity go away? That’s something we do. We won’t dispose of a body, but we will make websites rank lower, help to convince them to drop a story, Find the dirt on them, or distract the press with a story about someone doing something worse. There are few better at it than us, and no we won’t tell you who our clients are.

Publicity and Event Management

The best way to get traffic is to be famous. We can help you get in front of press that covers your space, get you cited as an expert, and generally build awareness that you exist. Our relationships with press on the web, on TV, and in print can open doors to highly targeted audiences, and high profile relationships that would not be possible with out the reputation that comes with being associated with top tier news organizations. We will also prepare you with media training and stage coaching to make sure your minutes in the spotlight go as flawlessly as possible.