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BlackWaterOps is more than just SEO and Reputation management. We offer the traditional SEO services, but traditional SEO will only take you so far. Today getting traffic means having the right content, the right audience, and the right people talking about you. BlackWaterOps will help you to pick content that has appeal to audiences, traffic in search, and the kind of appeal that will get news organizations talking about you. One Part SEO, One Part Content Programming, and One Part Publicist with a dash of User Experience thrown in for good measure. We are not your "traditional" SEO.


BlackWaterOps is more than just Crisis and Reputation management. One Part SEO, One Part Content Programming, One Part Publicist, One Part Crisis Management, with a dash of User Experience thrown in for good measure. We are NOT your "traditional" SEO.

Content Programming

Content Programming is essential to getting traffic. Being a destination site is what every site hopes to become eventually, but building that level of trust with users takes time. A typical user will visit your site seven times before deciding to make you a destination they visit on a regular basis. To get those first seven visits you need to have a depth of content that causes them to find you on a regular basis. BlackWaterOps helps you become that "go to" site for what ever niche you serve by offering phrases that are well searched, and which it is possible for your site to rank for.

Search Strategies

Link building doesn't work anymore. SEO today is much more about page construction, load times and site composition. BlackWaterOps will work with you to optimize your pages to be what Google wants with out compromising on your user experience. These improvements often result in pages that load faster, and contextual ads that better match your content.

Reputation and Crisis Management

Ever see the Television show "Scandal" about a team that makes bad publicity go away? That's something we do. We won't dispose of a body, but we will make websites rank lower, help to convince them to drop a story, Find the dirt on them, or distract the press with a story about someone doing something worse. There are few better at it than us, and no we won't tell you who our clients are.

Publicity and Event Management

The best way to get traffic is to be famous. We can help you get in front of press that covers your space, get you cited as an expert, and generally build awareness that you exist. Our relationships with press on the web, on TV, and in print can open doors to highly targeted audiences, and high profile relationships that would not be possible with out the reputation that comes with being associated with top tier news organizations. We will also prepare you with media training and stage coaching to make sure your minutes in the spotlight go as flawlessly as possible.



Pay As You Go

Building a website is a process. You have to weigh adding features, adding content, and managing the infrastructure.  We get it. With a pay as you go plan we will be available as much as you need, without getting in the way. Pay a small retainer to have us respond to all of your questions by email, and receive invoices for the time and materials based on asks that come up. $450/hr, No Minimum Retainer

Per Project

Agree on a fixed fee to have your project needs met. Just kicking off a new website? Need a Google penalty removed? Per Project pricing makes certain that you will get the results you want for the budget that you have agreed upon in advance. No surprises. Price is calculated based on a time and materials estimate of $350 per hour, and billed as a single line item.


Get the same service every month, week, or day, and save. This is great for those looking to have on call SEO support, monthly content programming and publicist services that are ongoing. $2400 minimum monthly, hourly at $300 per hour for the estimated time to complete the work.

Broad Skill Sets, Deep Understanding


Brandon Wirtz

CEO / Founder


Richard Wirtz

Engineering Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on what services you are looking at. Social move quickly, but reputation management can move slowly.

I have been delisted by Google can you help?

Yes. It depends on how bad of things you have done, but generally we can use our influence to get you back on the path to being in Google's good graces.

Will you send link removal requests?

No. Those services are a waste of time and money. If someone is trying to sell you those services they are not your friend.

Do you send cease and desist letters and take down requests?

Not usually. The last thing you want when trying to get bad things taken off the Internet is a record that you tried to have it removed. That will really make you look guilty.

Do you offer competitive marketing / intelligence?

Yes. We often find that the best way to get you a top result is to help with online marketing become aware of the bad things your competitor is doing.

Do you do work for equity?

Very rarely. We will sometimes discount services in exchange for equity, but we have to really, really, like you. We are in business to make money, and that typically means avoiding risks. We are not a VC.