Greatest Living AmericanBrandon has been using SEO for fun and profit for nearly 10 years.  Brandon was an early adopter of blogging and social media.  He was one of the pioneers of Internet Video, and was part of several IPTV start-ups.  Through all of it he continued to make money online through monetizing his content and helping other with monetizing theirs.

In May of 2007 while working at Microsoft, Brandon tested his SEO metal for the first time against other SEO’s.  Jonah Stein created a race to be the Greatest Living American while visiting the Colbert Show.  Brandon quickly rose to the top and beat out 100’s of other SEO’s competing to make themselves, a client, or Steven Colbert the top hit for the term.

Brandon was a voting member on the SMPTE committee to ratify H.264 and VC-1. He was Microsoft’s first and only Windows Media Server MVP/User Evangelist. His background is varied by technology but has always been at the fore front of new media.

Brandon was also a Teacher at Stone Hebrew Academy, and a Director at Kimball Camp YMCA, these positions gave him strong background in education, and story telling.  This has made him a strong speaker, and an excellent presenter.

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