Instead of looking at a Klout score which judges you mostly on how many people are on your follower list, take a look at how many people actually interact with a social media personality.  The MakeMeANinja Tool does just that.  While it is in early Alpha, and is ugly as sin, we are letting you try it now, so that we can find the limits of this tool.

You can get a tweet about any user, that tells you their level of influence and interaction with their followers.  It will look something like this.


We may hit API Limits if too many people use this, but we have filed to be put on the whitelist for twitter, and once we have that we will expand the features and round out this product.

Why is this better than a Klout score?

Klout does most of its judging based on your potential to reach, not your actual reach.  Klout looks at how many people follow you, and how many people see your tweets because they subscribe to a list you are on.  This is very easy to game, and doesn’t filter out the bots. 

The MakeMeANinja Tool currently looks at 2 metrics, how many unique people in a month respond to your messaging, or “invoke” your name, which we call an interaction, and how many interactions you have for every 1000 users you have.

This puts celebrities often at a disadvantage in our system if they don’t actually interact with their fan base.  You can have over a million followers but if you don’t do anything interesting to get interactions, you will have a very low score.  This also works to filter out the users who bought followers, because autofollow bots, and spam bots that drive up following numbers don’t respond or create interaction.

Currently the data isn’t old enough to be 100% accurate… We give “instant” feed back that is based on the last 30 days, not the last quarter or year.  As we get more API calls we will strive to improve this.

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