BlackWaterOps is proud to announce the Qanta Content Monetization Solution for Commission Junction / Users.

The Qanta is not an AdNetwork, it is middle ware for your existing relationships with  While you may have relationships with a lot of affiliates from CJ, often you can’t spend the time to hand promote every one, or update pages with the latest links, or take down links which are no longer active.  Qanta solves this problem quickly easily and with minimal effort on your part.

The Beta version of Qanta works as a supplement to your existing ad programs, allowing you to better monetize traffic from search.  Say for example you have written about Peyton Manning, when a user from Google, Yahoo, Bing, or most other search engines arrives at your site an ad will display based on the search phrase that they arrived by.

Qanta By BlackWaterOps

Ugly ad by

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In this example you would get an ad similar to the ad on the Left.  ( ad provided to show the difference between us and your alternative)

If the user had arrived by a search for “Dating Peyton Manning” they might instead get an ad for a dating site if you have an active relationship via for a dating site.

In all cases the user will get an ad from a partner in your network, that is relevant to their search.

Because these ads are by default not contextual ads, they are compatible with Adsense, Microsoft Pubcenter and other contextual ads. These ads only show to your search traffic so they don’t appear to visitors who visit your site as a destination site, arrive by twitter, or Facebook. A change of a flag in the javascript allows these to run in contextual mode using entities extracted from the page to target ads based on the content.

Qanta simply build ads for you on the fly, so you don’t have to set up any bank accounts, 1099s or provide us with much information at all.  Simply provide your DeveloperKey, and your WebSite ID.  We will run our CJ ads 10% of the time picked at random as our “Commission”.

Qanta is built on the Google AppEngine infrastructure, and as a result ads are served amazingly fast after an ad is built for the first time.

Integration with your site is easy requiring only a short 1 line of JavaScript to be added anywhere on your page.

Today we only offer a 300×250 ad block but more ad sizes are on the way shortly, for now we are verifying scalability, and tuning the relevance of products and want to provide a great experience on one offering before creating too many options to debug.

Features Coming in the very near future:

  • Use your own CSS to customize the look of Ads
  • Standard Ad Sizes (728×90, 160×600, 120×600, 250×250, 125×125)
  • In Text Ads matching part numbers and manufacturer names on your web page to CJ affiliate Links for that product.
  • Flash Ads
  • Interactive ads
  • Support for different products in each ad block on a page
  • Synced Ad Blocks to allow all ad blocks of different sizes to show ads from the same provider

To Join the program contact

We will have self service sign up shortly, but for the initial beta we want to have some contact with our users.

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