My soon to be released book “Online Marketing Strategies Volume 1:Analytics, Strategies, and Terminology for Site Managers” is now available for pre-order at 50% off the cover price, or even better it is temporarily free to members of the BlackWaterOps “Professional Marketers” listserve.

This book is targeted towards anyone who manage online marketing campaigns.  This is not limited to SEO, and SEM, but deals with Reputation Management, Site construction, Affiliate Marketing and more.  Whether you are managing an online store, political campaign, charitable organization, online journalism site, or blog there are strategies for keeping on top of online marketing.

Clear explanations of common terms, tricks for finding the right people to work with you, and how to measure your success are included in this first Volume of Online Marketing Strategies.  This book won’t teach you how to be an SEO, or SEM but it will teach you the necessary metrics for measuring their success, and verifying that the analytics they are providing you are accurate.

Just the Book: $34.95

“Professional Marketers” is a community which offers feedback, advice, and potential insight to online marketing. Professional Marketers focuses on Optimizing your online marketing.  As a community member you get the benefit of being able to find out about industry trends, experiences and traps before the rest of the world.  Being part of a discussion in real time rather than when it is reported.  And you can do so in a small  close knit group of like minded professional.

Free Book + Subscription First Month $24.95

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