As the result of conversation with prospective clients over the last few days I am making a change to BlackwaterOps new client policy (in the past there was not much of a formal policy).

BlackwaterOps will be putting in to all future client policies that we will discontinue servicing the client if they participate directly or engage a third party in any of the following practices:

Have an E-Mail policy that Violates the Can Spam Laws, is not with an approved e-mail partner, or obfuscates the domain the e-mail was sent from.

Engages in buying links.

Engages in Selling links.

Uses DMCA Takedown notices as a method of SEO, Counter SEO, or for any reason other than an actual DMCA violation they are prepared to take up in court.

Uses an Affiliate Program Partner that allows any of the above by its members.

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