BlackWaterOps provides high quality stereoscopic dimensionalizations ( 3D Upconversions ) from SD, HD, 2K and 4k. Whether your content is destined for DVD, Broadcast, Blu-Ray, or Digital Cinema we can make your content shine. Commercials, Trailers, Television, and Movies: We bring your content to the next dimension. We can also match the 3D effects of your movie shot in 3D for the scenes which are too expensive to shoot in 3D, or were shot prior to the decision to shoot in 3D was made. In a world of 3D if your content is 2D it will fall flat.

Unlike other dimensionalization techniques which use motion vector analysis and attempt to map an image on to a polygonal interpretation of the image, 3D Upconversions uses a sophisticated psycho-visual model, to give viewers the cues needed to activate the brain in to interpreting the image with the illusion of depth. This technique doesn’t rely on complex polygon or motion-vector calculations it works for soft focus, haze, reflections, lens flare, and semi-transparent objects.

Full Length Cinema and Feature Film:

More and more filmgoers are coming to expect movies in 3D. Converting your content to 3D before it hits the theater can add millions to the bottom line of your film.

Single Scene and Shot by Shot: 3D rigs have limitations because of their size, their cost and types of lenses which can be used. Doing single scene and shot by shot dimensionalization can allow for a cinematographer to achieve the look they want without the hindrance of the technological limits, in a process similar to a colorist color matching content shot from multiple cameras.

Digital Dailies: Rendering special effects for stereo takes twice as long, and when doing digital dailies every second counts. Leveraging 3D Upconversions the time and cost of doing pre-visualization, and special effects dailies can be reduced significantly.

Television and Broadcast:

With the high adoption rates of 3D enabled TV’s there is an immense amount of pent up demand for 3D content. Conversion of Television Series to 3D brings new life to content. Much like HD revitalized content many consumers had forgotten about, 3D can make content compelling again.

Sports Events: Some content just demands to be 3D for the level of immersion it gains, baseball games that feel like you are in the bleachers, or Cart racing that feels like you are riding shotgun. Content which might otherwise be forgotten can find new life for the amazing shots and experience it brings to the audience more than its historical value.

Television Series: 3D brings actors out of the screen and into your living room, and that makes drama more dramatic, and comedy just that much more funny.

Commercials, Trailers, and PSA’s: If the audience is sitting in a movie theater with their glasses on, and you show them a 2D trailer, it just looks flat. Even the best ad from the Super Bowl doesn’t have the impact that it could if it runs 30 seconds before the next 3D blockbuster.

Digital Cinema Conversions: Leveraging your existing assets from TV we create 3D Conversions from High Quality conversion from SD, or Broadcast Quality HD to Digital Cinema Resolutions in 3D.

3D Broadcast Conversions: As ESPN and others start to broadcast in 3D having a high quality 3D version of your content will become more important. Running a 2D ad on a 3D channel is like running a black and white ad on a color channel, or a 4:3 ad on a 16:9 channel.

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