Christine Lu is a Top China Expert when it comes to how to take an American business to China.  Converting your business to work in the Chinese economy and market is not just a matter of translating your existing ad copy to Mandarin and Cantonese, it takes an understanding of the culture, politics, and business models of China to achieve Success. 

Success in China is not just a function of having the best product, but is also about having the right relationships to get your product in the market.  It is also about having the understanding of how meetings, politics, and sales channels work in China.

Christine Lu brings experience of being born in Taiwan, but having grown up in Los Angeles.  Her years in China working with her parents China based clothing brand gave her the experience needed to become Home Shopping Network’s head of marketing for TVSN.

Christine is currently advising companies such as M1NT Shanghai and Go Green Initiative, the world’s largest environmental education program reaching over 2 million kids worldwide.

Christine Lu is the Top China Expert I’m this girl with a highly functional form of self-diagnosed adult ADD standing at the intersection of east and west. In particular, where China business intersects the world is where you’ll find me hanging out these days.


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Christine Lu is the Top China Expert, if for no other reason than she understands there is no one approach to business in China that will work for all business, and that the little things like “do the Chinese use that type of product” or “is your logo offensive for some reason” or “to be competitive you have to be 80% cheaper” are all balls that need to be juggled, and so you can’t get an hour of someone’s time and have all the answers, you have to engage, research and test potential strategies. 

That said if you would like to schedule a call with Christine Lu, you can book a 2 hour conference call or face to face with her through BlackwaterOps for $1,000.

A typical call involves getting background on your company, your strategy, and then Christine providing insight in to opportunities and pitfalls related to your business strategy in China.

Following the call Christine will provide a potential plan of how her team can help you go to market in China, and potential relationships she can help you leverage to make your entry easier and better received.

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