In addition to our customized service, BlackWaterOps is now offering service bundles. These services are ideal for companies looking for simple solutions for basic SEO and SEM.

While many of our customers have thousands of pages to their website which require deep analysis to figure out where they can get the most return on their investment in SEO and SEM, Small Business and Start up customers often have small sites that we can easily assess what work is to be performed and begin.  Hence we are happy to announce our Small Business and Start-up packages.

Ad Pack: $1,500 You can’t rank #1 for every keyword you might want to get traffic for. This is why Google Adwords make sense for businesses of all sizes. We can help you create: Ad copy that will get only well qualified leads; Landing pages that will lower your Cost per Click; and track which keywords give you the best return on investment. Monthly budgets vary after the initial spend.

Get Ranked Pack: $1,000 Get your new domain listed in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Most domains have to wait months to get listed in Google, and Yahoo. We will get your site in to the index much of the time the same day, but certainly within 5 days. Yahoo will generally take a week, and MSN can take up to a month. This package meant for professionally designed sites which have had some amount of SEO consulting done during their creation. Our team will analyze your site, make suggestions to improve its overall quality score, and help make sure when Google indexes your site that you will score well for many of the terms you are looking to capture. This service includes configuration of several analytics tools.

Out Rank Pack: $4,500 Our team will work with you to figure out what keywords your competitors rank for, and work with your to take the necessary steps to be on the same page as they are for many of those keyword searches. This is not a comprehensive SEO Package, but it is suitable for Small business competing in local markets. This package includes all of the services from the Ad Pack and Get Ranked Pack.

Getting Serious Pack: $30,000 Our Team will take your existing Website up to 30 pages, and re-work it to score as high as possible with Google. Adding additional text copy where necessary, creating additional inbound links to increase the sites over all rank.  We will also set up accounts for your business in over 30 social media services which can be used to drive links and visibility to your site.

Thrive Pack: $100,000: This package includes all of the services of the getting serious pack, includes a blog post per week about the happenings in your industry on your “corporate” blog, includes a “Girl in Corporate Tee” video for inbound links and marketing on 12 Video sites, Adwords services and Press Release services to boost the buzz of your corporate brand. This package is recommended for companies looking to launch new products, rebrand their existing company, or companies changing markets.

VC and Entrepreneur Pack: $2500 Using our metric tools we can predict the size of a market based on current consumer demand.  We can also predict the cost of customer acquisition at various price and market points.  Because of the way the online ad auctions work we can tell you the price differences between buying 10 leads a day, and buying 10,000 so you can forecast your costs and your potential for growth.  We will also give you data on the scope of the competition, their online traffic, and their current ad spends.  This is a great package for those looking to invest in a market, or start a new business.

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