BlackWaterOps is proud to announce it’s A/B Test solution, based on the blazing fast Google AppEngine infrastructure.  The problem with most A/B Test solutions are that they are difficult to implement and add significant slow down to your site, which can skew the results.  

The BlackWater Solution allows for easy A/B Testing with only 4 lines of code change on your original page, and supports a huge selection of rules for determining if you want to serve version A or Version B, or for that matter over 1000 possible versions of the page, and because it is built using Google Appengine it adds less than 200ms to the render time of most webpages. 

Integration with Google Analytics, and other Analytics solutions allows auditing and tracking to be simple, and doesn’t require your team to learn a new software.

Lastly, unlike many competing products “This or That” is compatible with Secure sites running HTTPS.

To get started with “This or That” contact us today! 510-992-6548 or

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