BlackWater Ops is offering at 66% discount on it’s Traffic Builder Service.  Traffic Builder is an amazing service for sites young and old, we deliver 50,000 visitors a month to your site for $3,000.

Unlike other services that use junk traffic and pop-ups we use traffic purchased from top tier ad providers like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. All traffic is from the US, and all traffic is targeted to the specific landing page of your choosing (with in the limitations of Google’s standards for landing pages).

How can we offer this at such a great price?  We’re going to lose money because we figure once you have this much traffic you will want more.  It’s the Crack Dealer model, but it works for them so why not use it for other things as well.

Note this is a subscription, you can keep the service for up to a year at this price.  This offer is good through December 3rd.

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