Your website’s performance has a drastic impact on your conversion rate:

  • A one second delay in page load time drives a 7% loss in conversions. –Aberdeen
  • Each 100ms in reduced load time at Amazon dropped conversion rate by 1%.
  • Yahoo reports that a 400ms in reduced loading time increased traffic increased by 9%.

You could upgrade your server, but likely that isn’t the limiting factor.  Different types of content require different types of serving.  BlackWaterOps will work with you to create a delivery strategy that matches your needs.  In most cases we can get your site to under 2 seconds of load time, and not require any significant increase the difficulty of managing your content.

We then work with you to improve your page construction to optimize page size, HTTP requests, and compatibility.  The result is a page that loads faster, puts less load on your servers, SEO’s better, and converts better. 

We have seen pages that take 15 seconds reduced 1.8, with no change to the look of the page, and WITH OUT reducing the quality of the images.

You don’t have to do things, like use iframes, or Ajax to speed up your page. Don’t sacrifice the usability or the ease of management of your site for speed.  Let us help show you what is possible.

Pricing starts at $1,500. So call now. 1.866.400.4536

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