When you are writing a post it is important to not only write for SEO, but to answer the questions your audience is looking for.  Sometimes it can be hard to know what things are important to your audience, but we can help.

The BlackWaterOps SEO Writer Tool will not only analyze the text of your post so you can make sure that you have text that follows the core rules of SEO writing, in terms of keyword frequency, sentence length, and relevant supporting keywords, but it will tell you what you need to do to improve your text, and what potential words you should include in your post to help answer common searches.

For example, let’s say you wanted to write about “Pirates vs Ninjas”  You’d enter “Pirates vs Ninjas” in the Keyword Phrase box, and your text in the box below.



Press the “SEO Post” button and you will get information about how well your post is written for SEO.


In addition to your SEO score you will get a list of keywords which you might include in your post, and a list of words which you already have included.


Not all of these will always be relevant to what you want to write about, but they are things related to the topic that people are searching.  You can use this information several ways.  If you already have written a post and are looking for a follow up, use the tool to find additional topics to write about.  If you are writing a post you may find that the most common searches contain things you didn’t think would be important, like “dodgeball” in the Pirates vs Ninjas example.

Ready to try it out for your self?  There is a 1 day free trial, and there are daily and monthly rates so you can either use it for a quick project, or ongoing. So try the SEO Writer Tool Now!

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