Tech Crunch asked How Much Is Microsoft spending on Google Ads for bing. A lot.  As much as $2 a click. 

Google Adwords for Bing Search

This is a screen shot from my adwords campaing.  Notice the $2.00 Minimum first page bid for Bing Search?  And Microsoft has the Top of the page position rather than the side bar which ups the price.  Based on 85k searches on the 28th for “Bing” and “Bing Search” at 1% click thru, Microsoft could easily have spent $1,700 with Google that day.  And I expect the 29th to be bigger, and June 3rd when it launches to be the biggest yet.

Will Microsoft get its money out of this?

Possibly.  TwitNit is seeing about $15 cpms far from what I’d like to see considering I’m buying traffic at $50 CPM, but Microsoft should be able to get twice what I do, which would be $30 CPM, on $2,000 CPM buys that seems like a bad deal, but when you look at the life of a user if you convert them.. That is easy to recoup.

Tech Crunch asked how much of the $80M would be spent with Google.  Very little.  Spending $100k a month would buy all the traffic there is on the related terms.  Even if they bought all the ads for, Yahoo, and others it is unlikely they could spend a Million dollars a year with Google.

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