BlackWaterOps is proud to announce it’s A/B Test solution, based on the blazing fast Google AppEngine infrastructure.  The problem with most A/B Test solutions are that they are difficult to implement and add significant slow down to your site, which can skew the results.   The BlackWater Solution allows for easy A/B Testing with only 4 […]

You hear people talk about moving their content and applications ino “the cloud” but it has never been simple.  Cloud Computing has required you to re-write your applications, often fighting through differences in API’s and limitations, often seemingly arbitrary. BlackwaterOps has taken the work out of moving to the cloud.  The premiere version of the […]

Christine Lu is a Top China Expert when it comes to how to take an American business to China.  Converting your business to work in the Chinese economy and market is not just a matter of translating your existing ad copy to Mandarin and Cantonese, it takes an understanding of the culture, politics, and business […]