Google has a great HTML Parser in its crawler, this is probably it’s single largest advantage in understanding what a web page is about. If your website has less than perfect HTML Yahoo indexes your HTML code rather than you text creating pages that get less than stellar results in search. Think of HTML code […]

Your competition is outranking you for some of the best keywords, your adwords campaign is being put to shame by companies bidding to keep you out of the top spots?  We can help.   Counter SEO/SEM spends time looking at your competitors pages, analyzing them and creating pages that contain all of the relevant keywords, […]

It is hard to know how great the guy selling SEO really is.  Especially since SEO companies don’t typically disclose their client list, because of confidentiality agreements with our clients.  So what should you ask?   What is the most impressive search you currently rank for? Greatest Living American Now this doesn’t have to be […]