ZillionTV sent me what wouldn’t qualify as a cease and desist, but more like a “please leave my client alone they have enough self esteem issues with out you disparaging them” letter. I should disclose that for a brief period of time I worked at ZillionTV.  I was lured there by false promises of their […]

Sometimes called "SEO via Legal" or C&D SEO, this to me is the scum-baggiest way to do SEO.  And if you send a letter like this to one of my clients, I’ll make sure that everyone knows what a scumbag you (Snap-On) are. C&D SEO works by eliminating pages that compete with you for a […]

Follows is a sample section on Social Media Metrics from my book which will be available October 1st. Social Media consultants are often very friendly, eager to please, people. You have to be to be popular with everyone. This type of individual tends to not be enthusiastic about hard metrics, instead they will often prefer […]

My soon to be released book “Online Marketing Strategies Volume 1:Analytics, Strategies, and Terminology for Site Managers” is now available for pre-order at 50% off the cover price, or even better it is temporarily free to members of the BlackWaterOps “Professional Marketers” listserve. This book is targeted towards anyone who manage online marketing campaigns.  This […]

We all get the spam, “GET FOUND IN GOOGLE IN 24 HOURS!  we’LL get you 1500 links today!” Does it work? Or is it like the Herbal Pills to increase the size of your penis?  Like anything else there wouldn’t be a market if there wasn’t demand, but not all consultants and techniques have the […]