BlackWaterOps is very proud of its latest improvements to the Xdef 3D Upconversion technology.  We have made improvements that reduce visual artifacts, eye strain, and headaches, while increasing the apparent depth, and detail of depth in the scene. Often 3D conversions result in people looking like cardboard cut outs moving about the scene.  Others use […]

BlackWaterOps is proud to announce it’s A/B Test solution, based on the blazing fast Google AppEngine infrastructure.  The problem with most A/B Test solutions are that they are difficult to implement and add significant slow down to your site, which can skew the results.   The BlackWater Solution allows for easy A/B Testing with only 4 […]

BlackWaterOps provides high quality stereoscopic dimensionalizations ( 3D Upconversions ) from SD, HD, 2K and 4k. Whether your content is destined for DVD, Broadcast, Blu-Ray, or Digital Cinema we can make your content shine. Commercials, Trailers, Television, and Movies: We bring your content to the next dimension. We can also match the 3D effects of […]

BlackWaterOps is proud to announce the Qanta Content Monetization Solution for Commission Junction / Users. The Qanta is not an AdNetwork, it is middle ware for your existing relationships with  While you may have relationships with a lot of affiliates from CJ, often you can’t spend the time to hand promote every one, […]